K.V. Johansen fantasy author of the epic fantasy Blackdog and The Leopard: Marakand

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Cover of The Storyteller and Other Tales by K.V. Johansen

Cover of Nightwalker by K.V. Johansen

Other books by K.V. Johansen

Short Stories for Adults

-The Storyteller and Other Tales
-The Serpent Bride

"Johansen demonstrates her mastery of different styles of writing with each of these stories...The stories drip with atmosphere and feeling. Johansen’s background in history, medieval studies, and Old English comes shining through, and she knows how to do characters... This wonderful offering from Johansen deserves an unabashed five stars." -FantasyLiterature.net (on The Storyteller and Other Tales)

Teen/YA Fantasy

The Warlocks of Talverdin Series
-Treason in Eswy
-Warden of Greyrock
-The Shadow Road

“the fast-paced adventure, compelling characters, and conflicts that make sense will reward readers of this fully realized fantasy, a promising start to the Warlocks of Talverdin series.” -Booklist (American Library Association)

Nightwalker won the 2008 Ann Connor Brimer Award, and was selected by Voya for their annual list of the Year's Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

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