Secondary world fantasy for children. Torrie, the oldest of the Old Things of the Wild Forest, tells the stories of his adventures with young human heroes: Cossypha and Rufik the dragonslayers, Captain Anna of the former pirate ship Shrike, the pedlar Wren, who never let her lame foot stop her doing anything, in a world of dragons, goblins, and sorcery. The Torrie books can be read in any order; each is a standalone. They're listed below in order of publication, but to read them in their "historical" order, they would go: Snake-Prince, Golden Tigers (never published in print form but soon to be available as audio), Dragon/Dragonslayers, Pirate-Queen, and Firebird. However, Torrie didn't tell the stories in order himself, so you can really start anywhere!

Cover of Torrie and the Dragon

Torrie and the Dragon

The first Torrie book! In which Cossypha's father imprisons a questing prince in his dungeon for trespassing, and Cossypha and Torrie decide to rescue Rufik and join him on his mission to find the sword Wormbane and slay the dragon that is laying waste to his father's kingdom. (Roussan 1997.) (This story was later retold and expanded in Torrie and the Dragonslayers.)

Cover of Torrie and the Pirate-Queen

Torrie and the Pirate-Queen

In which Torrie, oldest of the Old Things of the Wild Forest, joins Anna, Master Mariner, as she reclaims her late grandfather’s ship and sets out (with a crew of retired pirates) to rescue her father from the Pirate-Queen, encountering a marooned prince and a cursed island along the way. Winner of the 2006 Lilla Stirling Award from the Canadian Authors’ Association; Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Our Choice” Starred Selection; nominated 2006 Silver Birch Award; nominated Diamond Willow Award. (Annick 2005).

Cover of Torrie and the Firebird

Torrie and the Firebird

In which Anna and Torrie encounter Kokako, a boy falsely accused of a heinous crime in Keastipol, and go adventuring on the Great Southern Continent to take back the Oyon-Opallion from the sorcerer Barramundi and his sand-goblins. Ontario Library Association Top Ten Best Bets for Children for 2006 list.(Annick 2006.)

Cover of Torrie and the Snake-Prince.

Torrie and the Snake-Prince

In which Prince Liasis of High Morroway is turned into a snake by Lord Abastor; Torrie joins the lame pedlar Wren in a quest to rescue him. Nominated 2008/2009 Hackmatack Award; honourable mention, OLA Top Ten Best Bets for Children 2007; Resource Links Year’s Best List 2007; selected by IBBY (the International Board on Books for Young People) for their 2011 selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities. (Annick 2007.)

Cover of Torrie and the Dragonslayers

Torrie and the Dragonslayers

In which Prince Rufik’s quest for the dragon-slaying sword Wormbane is rudely interrupted when he’s captured by the Duke of Mistglom’s wolf-headed guards; Torrie’s friend, Cossypha, rescues Rufik from her father’s dungeon and they set out to find the sword and slay the dragon; along the way, Cossphya runs afoul of the malevolent spirit of a long-dead sorceress. (Sybertooth 2009.)

Cover of Danish translation of Torrie and the Pirate-Queen


Torrie and the Pirate-Queen in Danish.(Forlaget Thorup 2005.)

Cover of Macedonian translation of Torrie and the Snake-Prince

Тори и принцот-змија

Torrie and the Snake-Prince in Macedonian. International Ana Frank Award for Children’s Literature, 2010 (an award for children’s literature in the Republic of Macedonia: меѓународната награда „Ана Франк“ за најдобра книга).(Vermilion 2009.)

Cover of Macedonian translation of Torrie and the Pirate-Queen

Тори и Пиратската Кралца

Torrie and the Pirate-Queen in Macedonian. (Vermilion 2013.)

placeholder cover

Тори и жар-птицата

Torrie and the Firebird in Macedonian. (Vermilion 2019.)