Near-future science fiction for kids. Thirteen-year-old Jordan O'Blenis sets out to build a virtual, massively-parallel supercomputer and achieves more than he bargained for. Although the three books are published in chronological order, each adventure stands alone. You don't need to have read The Cassandra Virus to enjoy The Drone War or The Black Box.

Cover of The Cassandra Virus

The Cassandra Virus

Computer genius Jordan O’Blenis develops a virtual Beowulf-cluster supercomputer which becomes self-aware; he and his friend Helen Chan-Fisher, the Igors, have to defend Cassandra from a corrupt university vice-president and government agents from Bureau 6, who want to seize the code for their own purposes. Shortlisted, Canadian Association of Children’s Librarians' Book of the Year for Children Award 2007; 2007 “Our Choice” selection, CCBC; Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Young Adult Top Forty list; Canadian Family magazine 40 Great Summer Reads. (Orca 2007.)

Cover of The Drone War

The Drone War

Industrial espionage threatens Jordan’s sister’s work on a secret drone plane project at BWB Aerospace; Jordan, Helen, and Cassandra investigate and discover B6 isn’t the only spy agency taking an interest. (Sybertooth 2007.)

Cover of The Black Box

The Black Box

Something very strange has turned up in Jordan's Uncle William's archaeological dig, and when the Harveys, their old opponents from Bureau 6, show up, Jordan, Helen, and Cassandra realize they're not the only ones to suspect Uncle William's team has uncovered something that just might be an alien artifact. (Sybertooth 2011.)